When was the last time you heard from your State Representative?  Unfortunately, for the citizens of District 93, after 26 years in the legislature our opponent has become a lazy legislator and a complacent campaigner.  I will be responsive to email, active on social media and engaged at neighborhood meetings. I promise to be visible at community events, hold regular constituent meetings and ensure that all citizens are able to participate in the legislative process.  I will never lose focus of why I am in the Legislature or who sent me there. I promise to reverse the complacency and restore real responsive leadership to District 93.



Transportation and infrastructure literally drive our economy.  It is vital to Indiana's economic future that we invest in our roads, bridges and public transportation systems.  Last year’s 50 mile closure of I-65, due to emergency bridge repairs, cost drivers and businesses an estimated $100,000 per day.  This is just one example of how, as the Crossroads of America, we can no longer afford to neglect our crumbling infrastructure.


All Hoosiers deserve equal protection under the law.  I believe this is the right thing to do morally, ethically and economically.  The recent Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) was a major embarrassment and economic blow to our state.  Because of RFRA, Central Indiana lost more than $60 million in convention and tourism business.  I will support and vote for pro economic legislation that promotes inclusiveness and equality for all citizens. 

Greg Rathnow

Indiana's economic viability is dependent on a strong middle class. A strong middle class is dependent on a strong and active labor movement.  Our unions improve wages, benefits, work-life balance, and workplace safety for workers throughout Indiana and across the country.  I promise to stand up for workers organizing and collective bargaining rights.  I will fight to repeal the dangerous and mislabeled "right to work" legislation and will work every day to reinstate the common construction wage. 

Education touches every aspect of our community.  We know that more educated communities enjoy lower unemployment rates, lower crime rates, lower healthcare costs, higher incomes, longer life expectancy and increased civic engagement.  It is imperative that we support a strong public education system. In doing so, we empower our youth, support our teachers and lift up our communities.  I promise to always stand with our teachers and fight for our students by ensuring that pro education issues remain a top priority at the Statehouse.



State Representative