State Representative

I’m running for State Representative in District 93 because, after 26 years, it’s time for the incumbent Representative to be held accountable and answer for his anti-education, anti-equality, anti-transportation, and anti-labor voting record.  The citizens living in District 93 deserve a Representative who is hardworking, engaged, responsive and willing to fight for all Hoosiers.  

The Southside of Indianapolis has experienced exponential growth in the last 15 to 20 years, however over that same time our influence in the Legislature 

A Champion for the South Side


has been diminished. We've been left behind as a district. Our infrastructure hasn't kept up with our growth and our roads are crumbling. Many neighborhoods lack basic quality of life amenities such as; sidewalks, street lights, adequate storm drainage, and easy access to biking and walking trails. I'm running to ensure our tax dollars stay here to adequately deal with issues facing our Southside neighborhoods. I'm running to be a champion for the Southside.

Greg Rathnow